About me

Suzi is an expert dog behaviourist and dog trainer. Suzi grew up with a love of all animals. After leaving school Suzi attended University College Dublin to study Zoology. Following her honours degree she was accepted into Edinburgh University to study at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary and graduated with Masters in Applied Animal Welfare and Behaviour.

On returning to Ireland Suzi began working for Dogs Trust Ireland while continuing her education in the area of dog training and behaviour. Following on from that Suzi began employment with the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind as a supervisor in Dublin and in 2010 qualified as a puppy trainer for Guide Dogs worldwide. She also worked with the veterinary department of Dublin Zoo on a nutritional research project for captive wild animals. Suzi then set up a dog training and daycare centre called Positive Dog Training in South Dublin where she co ran it for 5 successful years. Suzi left to pursue her love of dog behaviour and training.  

In 2009 Suzi was nominated for an Ireland Involved award for her extensive work with rescue dogs and was a runner up in the Animals and Environment category.

Suzi has attended numerous seminars on dog training and handling including those presented by Dr. Ian Dunbar, Sarah Kalnajs, Victoria Stilwell, Sarah Whitehead, Jim Crosby and Sarah Fisher. Suzi has also written many articles on dog training and welfare which have been published in newspapers and online resource websites.  Suzi has worked as a behaviourist on both TV, radio and has also worked training dogs in the film industry and as a professional behaviourist for Pedigree campaigns. 

Suzi has also given classes and lectures to other professionals and students in the field of animal behaviour. 

Qualifications and Certifications

  • (Bsc) Honours Degree in Zoology from University College Dublin, 2001-2006

  • (Msc) Masters Degree in Applied Animal Welfare and Behaviour, Edinburgh University, 2006-2007

  • Certificate in Canine First Aid (canine first responder course), 2009 & 2011

  • FETAC level 6 Canine Obedience & Training, Dog Training Ireland, 2012

  • Qualified Puppy Trainer , Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, 2010

  • Approved behaviourist with Allianz Insurance (vet refferal required)

  • Companion Animal micro-chipping certification, International Animal Care College, 2011

  • Competency Assessment Programme in Clicker Training – Level 1

  • Member of the Pet Professionals Guild

  • Associate member of the IAABC

  • Certificate in Dog Daycare from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute

  • Certificate in Dog Emotion and Cognition, Duke University (2015)

  • Certificate in Feline Body Language, 2017

  • Certificate in Dogs with resource guarding issues from International College of Canine Studies

  • Certificate in Dog Body Language ICC

  • Certificate for the reversal of aggression in dogs and cats Dr Sophia Yin

  • Certificate in dog aggression ICC

  • Certificate in Treatment and Prevention of Dog Aggression Dr. Ian Dunbar, 2017

  • Certificate in Canine Anxiety ICC, 2018

  • Certificate in reactive dog training Dr. Ian Dunbar, 2018.

  • Certificate introducing babies to dogs, 2019.

  • Certificate in common behaviour problems in dogs Dr.Ian Dunbar, 2019.

  • Certificate in training advanced recall, PPG, 2019.