Suzi Walsh

About me

Suzi is an expert dog behaviourist and dog trainer. Suzi grew up with a love of all animals. After leaving school Suzi attended University College Dublin to study Zoology. Following her honours degree she was accepted into Edinburgh University to study at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary and graduated with Masters in Applied Animal Welfare and Behaviour.

On returning to Ireland Suzi began working for Dogs Trust Ireland while continuing her education in the area of dog training and behaviour. Following on from that Suzi began employment with the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind as a supervisor in Dublin and in 2010 qualified as a puppy trainer for Guide Dogs worldwide. She also worked with the veterinary department of Dublin Zoo on a nutritional research project for captive wild animals. Suzi then set up a dog training and daycare centre called Positive Dog Training in South Dublin where she co ran it for 5 successful years. Suzi left to pursue her love of dog behaviour and training.  

In 2009 Suzi was nominated for an Ireland Involved award for her extensive work with rescue dogs and was a runner up in the Animals and Environment category.

Suzi has attended numerous seminars on dog training and handling including those presented by Dr. Ian Dunbar, Sarah Kalnajs, Victoria Stilwell, Sarah Whitehead, Jim Crosby and Sarah Fisher. Suzi has also written many articles on dog training and welfare which have been published in newspapers and online resource websites.  Suzi has worked as a behaviourist on both TV, radio and has also worked training dogs in the film industry and as a professional behaviourist for Pedigree campaigns. 

Suzi has also given classes and lectures to other professionals and students in the field of animal behaviour. Most recently Suzi has guest lectured for several colleges in Dublin as well as compile and present a 6 week course on dog behaviour for mature students.  

Qualifications and Certifications

  • (Bsc) Honours Degree in Zoology from University College Dublin, 2001-2006

  • (Msc) Masters Degree in Applied Animal Welfare and Behaviour, Edinburgh University, 2006-2007

  • Certificate in Canine First Aid (canine first responder course), 2009 & 2011

  • FETAC level 6 Canine Obedience & Training, Dog Training Ireland, 2012

  • Qualified Puppy Trainer , Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind, 2010

  • Approved behaviourist with Allianz Insurance (vet referral required)

  • Companion Animal micro-chipping certification, International Animal Care College, 2011

  • Competency Assessment Programme in Clicker Training – Level 1

  • Member of the Pet Professionals Guild

  • Associate member of the IAABC

  • Certificate in Dog Daycare from the Companion Animal Sciences Institute

  • Certificate in Dog Emotion and Cognition, Duke University, 2015

  • Certificate in Feline Body Language, 2017

  • Certificate in Dogs with resource guarding issues from International College of Canine Studies

  • Certificate in Dog Body Language ICC

  • Certificate for the reversal of aggression in dogs and cats Dr Sophia Yin

  • Certificate in dog aggression ICC

  • Certificate in Treatment and Prevention of Dog Aggression Dr. Ian Dunbar, 2017

  • Certificate in Canine Anxiety ICC, 2018

  • Certificate in reactive dog training Dr. Ian Dunbar, 2018

  • Certificate introducing babies to dogs, 2019

  • Certificate in common behaviour problems in dogs Dr.Ian Dunbar, 2019

  • Certificate in training advanced recall, PPG, 2019

  • Certificate in Understanding and Solving Separation Anxiety in Dogs, ICC, 2019

  • Advanced Accredited Certificate in Canine Reactivity Behaviour, CP, 2019

  • Certificate in Canine Impulse Control, 2019

  • Certificate Motivating Dogs (for dogs who won’t work for food), 2019



my Services


Behavioural Consultation Clinic €100 

Are you having difficulties living with your dog ? I specialise in the following behavioural problems -

  • Aggressive behaviour

  • Reactivity (barking & lunging on lead)

  • Resource guarding (guarding items)

  • Destructive behaviour

  • Separation anxiety

  • Temperament and behavioural assessments

Please bare in mind that some behavioural issues may require more than one consultation.  I am covered under Allianz pet insurance scheme if you have a veterinary referral). My behaviour clinic is in Anicare Veterinary Clinic Santry, Dublin 9. 

doG & Puppy TRAININg at the clinic €100

Is your dog not as well mannered as you might like? I can help you to improve your dogs manners at home and in public so that you can enjoy your canine companion without the embarrassment. I can help with -

  • Recall

  • Jumping up problems

  • Excessive barking

  • Digging or destruction

  • House training issues

  • Socialisation

  • General training


This session is for puppies under the age of 6 months. These sessions focus on everything you need to have a perfectly mannered pet and to make sure you avoid any future behavioural problems. 

I would like the whole family to attend when possible. These classes are private and are run on Saturdays at my behaviour clinic in Santry. They include full support by phone/email for the life of your puppy. Put the right paw first!  (One lesson €100 Two lessons €150)

Group classes for puppies 

I currently run group puppy classes in Anicare Clontarf for new puppies up to the age of 6 months. Classes run for 4 consecutive weeks at 8pm on Tuesday evenings. These classes include all basic level training as well as socialisation. The full course is €70 per puppy and can be booked by phoning Anicare on (01) 833 0744  

fear of dogs

I work with children and adults to have a fear of animals especially that of dogs. A fear any animal can be extremely stressful and can often result in a child putting themselves in harms way in order to avoid contact with a dog. I work in a very positive and sensitive way to help children overcome their fears and allow them to feel comfortable leaving their home without the panic and stress of seeing a dog. Please feel free contact me for more information about this service. I also work with families who have a dog and are expecting a baby into their home to make any adjustments as relaxing as possible.



If you would like me to visit your own home for a specific behavioural or training problem you are having, I cover the Dublin area. This session will last approximately 90 minutes and includes a plan especially for your dog. I am also available for follow up advice and I stay in touch with you to ensure that problem behaviour and training is progressing. I recommend at home training for house training, barking and resource guarding issues. 

I am covered under Allianz pet insurance scheme  for behavioural problems if you have a veterinary referral).

Before getting a puppy/dog talk €80

Its so important that before you bring a dog into your home that you are prepared for that dog to change your life completely. I can help your family get ready for a dog, help you choose a dog that suits your home and all the dos and don'ts. I will give you advice on what to look for an how best to choose a puppy from a litter. I will be with you every step of the process and you will have a discounted home visit arranged with me on the first day your pup arrives to settle them in and help you have the best start.

If you intent to bring a dog into your home speak to a professional or appropriate rescue centre and let them help you find the perfect four legged friend. 

Dog Business consultations €100

I have worked in the dog industry for over 10 years, including 5 years running my own dog training and daycare centre. I can provide advise, support and expertise if you are deciding to open up your own dog business. Consultations include a 2 hour meet up as well as a follow up phone consultation. Let me pass on my knowledge to you!

I also offer low stress handling  and body language talks for veterinary practices. 


I have been involved in many projects including advertisements and behavioural campaigns for Pedigree, training dogs for TV and movies as well as writing articles for newspaper and online forums. Please contact me should you require my professional services.


I have years of experience giving talks to schools and groups about dog behaviour and body language. It is so important to teach children about how to be safe around dogs and to give people the confidence to know what a dog is trying to communicate. I can also give talks on other animals both domestic and wild. All my talks are fun and informative, please get in touch for more information. I most recently created and presented a 6 week course for those looking to work with dogs.

Cat behavioural consultations €60

Its not just our dogs that have us confused, our feline friends can sometimes cause frustration in our homes. Please get in touch if you need training to improve life with your cat. Whether your cat is toileting in your home or scratching you and your furniture I can help you to speak cat! 

I first contacted Suzi when I was at my wits end with my Golden Retriever Earl, he was guarding his food bowl, impossible to walk on a lead and a general menace. Suzi visited us and showed us how to teach Earl how to behave, he is now the dog I always dreamed of.
— Laura Quinn



If you would like to avail of any of my services or just to inquire  please phone me or text me on 085 2150915 . You can also fill out the form below. Thank you!